Gut yontif y’all (and off we go, looking very chic with Muhammad going to eat our fair share of kneydlekh)

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"I use the name “gazing bowls” because the word gaze is often indicative of wonder, fascination and awe. Like a rescinding tide or desert after a rain storm, when the bowls are filled with water the color and patterns change. When I look into these bowls I feel as if they transform before my eyes, like staring at the ocean or the sky after a storm. These bowls can serve many purposes; resonant healing objects, meditation, a vessel for your favorite treasures or eye candy. My son loves to use them for our ever-expanding cabinet of curiosities." — Riley Salyards

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Just watched Four Lions.

It actually made me sad.

Hey everyone, read this, it’s good for you.

On dirait une scène d’un film de Jacques Tati!

Ce sera une scène de mon film (un jour) ! 

Un homme en fauteuil roulant et un petit enfant portant un petit sac à dos attendent face à un passage piéton. On les voit de dos.

"Attention, t’es prêt ? Allez go ! Go go go go go !"

L’homme en fauteuil roulant de face en train de traverser le passage piéton. On ne voit pas l’enfant qui pousse le fauteuil en même temps.

Can a person even fit in the washing machine?

Also, saw this today:…


Also, no. I couldn’t fit in it, let alone Muhammad. He is crazy.

Muhammad:You should check the washing machine
Me:There's nothing in the washing machine
Muhammad:If I was a burglar who'd been caught, I'd hide in the washing machine
*first call*
Muhammad:There's a massive bee in the bedroom
Me:Sweet-talk it like you did with the flies
Muhammad:I can't, bees are much more advanced than flies
Muhammad:It's sitting on the curtain
Me:Can you put the curtain outside and make it go away ?
Muhammad:No. I'll call you later I have shit to do
*second call*
Muhammad:I think it's gone. I don't hear it anymore
Me:Okay cool
*third call*
Muhammad:It's in the living-room
Me:Can you open the window ?
Muhammad:No because there is stuff blocking the window
Me:Can you move the stuff and open the window ?
Muhammad :No, that's long
Me:Okay, so what do you want me to do ?
Muhammad:I don't know, you're reasonable so I thought you could help me
Me:Yes I am. Can you open the other window ?
Muhammad:But I'm going to leave soon
Me:Just leave the window open
Muhammad:What if people climb the façade to get into the apartment ?
Me:We live on the second floor, no one's gonna climb
Me to Charlotte :Muhammad said that he could talk to flies but not to bees because they were more intelligent. Does he think he is more stupid than a bee ?

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