bintrushd I hadn’t thought of it but your comment gave me an idea, I’m gonna buy a disposable camera (like the one I used in andalucia) :)

jissnar oui mais qu’est-ce qu’ils veulent dire en disant ça ? est-ce que c’est qu’en français on a pas d’équivalent satisfaisant, like si dieu veut doesn’t convey quite the same meaning ? like sometimes atheists say it so they don’t actually believe what they’re saying literally, it has an other meaning.

sorry i might sound very confused but i always wonder why sometimes we incorporate foreign words in our language, it is quite fascinating.

bintrushd near the algerian border, oujda, figuig and jerada (not necessarily in this order :)

I wonder something.
Why sometimes people who aren’t muslim or arabophone say inshallah, like I’m sure it conveys a subtle meaning but I’m not sure what it is and I wonder why in certain instances they use this word.

evanfleischer i’m going for work. i’ll try to document it but i might not have a lot to share, gonna spend my time in a black box, so…

I am going to morocco in 17 days.

Thank you epoquedesenchantee :)


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1. If you could travel in time for one day, what time period and place would you like to go to?
I am not really drawn to time-travelling things, I am not nostalgic of any period in history and I would be a horrible archeologist (I lose / throw away everything). I would either travel to my early childhood, or to Birobidzhan when it was being founded, not because I think it’s nice, but juste to see what it was like.

2. Your favourite tv-show during your childhood?
Quantum Leap ! (Maybe why I’m not attracted to time travelling lol) and The Nanny (that I used to watch with my Nanny <3 :)

3. Do you see yourself living the rest of your life in your present city/country?
I think I could, even though I don’t “see myself”. Actually I feel like if I don’t move places in the next few years I will never move if that makes sense. I was born here, my mum and grandmother are here… I don’t know. I want to move places though. We’ll see what life will bring.
Not sure about moving countries as it would be hard for me to work in other countries. But then again, I don’t know, maybe at some point during my life my job will change so drastically I could be working from anywhere. Who knows.

4. What is your most flattering colour to wear?  
Navy, burgundy, olive. Although on a daily basis I wear mostly navy, grey and black.

5. Have your views of yourself changed over the past years?
Yes, in many ways. I am always in deconstruction/construction. Hopefully it will still go on like this, even though it is a bit tiring.

6. If I say ‘love’, you say… 
you / me

7. “Money buys happiness.” Do you agree?
No. Happiness can’t be acquired. Yet lack of money can bring a lot of troubles and sadness.

8. Are you an optimist, pessimist or realist?
It’s cyclic. I’m definitely not a “realist” though, I daydream a lot. 

9. If you had super powers, what would they be?
Being invisible, flying, healing things with my hands or something.

10. What is your favourite advice you have ever been given?
"Stop thinking you are small" (still have troubles implementing it).

11. What is the view you have from your room’s window? (if there is one)
The building across the street. It’s an old building with tall windows, I can see the staircase inside the building as well and sometimes people at their windows.

I think I already did this twice so I’ll be a bad blogger and leave this there… :) One question though, for anyone who wants to answer and tag me so I see the answer :

Who are you ?

Gut yontif y’all (and off we go, looking very chic with Muhammad going to eat our fair share of kneydlekh)

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"I use the name “gazing bowls” because the word gaze is often indicative of wonder, fascination and awe. Like a rescinding tide or desert after a rain storm, when the bowls are filled with water the color and patterns change. When I look into these bowls I feel as if they transform before my eyes, like staring at the ocean or the sky after a storm. These bowls can serve many purposes; resonant healing objects, meditation, a vessel for your favorite treasures or eye candy. My son loves to use them for our ever-expanding cabinet of curiosities." — Riley Salyards

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Just watched Four Lions.

It actually made me sad.

Hey everyone, read this, it’s good for you.

On dirait une scène d’un film de Jacques Tati!

Ce sera une scène de mon film (un jour) ! 

Un homme en fauteuil roulant et un petit enfant portant un petit sac à dos attendent face à un passage piéton. On les voit de dos.

"Attention, t’es prêt ? Allez go ! Go go go go go !"

L’homme en fauteuil roulant de face en train de traverser le passage piéton. On ne voit pas l’enfant qui pousse le fauteuil en même temps.

Can a person even fit in the washing machine?

Also, saw this today:…


Also, no. I couldn’t fit in it, let alone Muhammad. He is crazy.

Muhammad:You should check the washing machine
Me:There's nothing in the washing machine
Muhammad:If I was a burglar who'd been caught, I'd hide in the washing machine